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Introducing Tools of the Trade: A Practical Guide for Trainers 





Tools of the Trade was published in 2007 with corporate trainers and HR professionals in mind - to provide the fundamental "tools " for skill and competency development, both for the apprentice and the experienced.

The role of training is more than teaching people how to do their jobs, or assisting managers in managing more effectively. Its primary role is to help the organization solve business problems, and prepare for the future.

The corporate trainer is a leader, facilitator, teacher, consultant, administrator and coach - one who inspires and encourages others to take responsibility for their own learning and purposefully leads them through the process of discovery.


Chapters in the book include the following "Tools:" 

 - Personal Presence 

 - Needs Assessments 

 - Occupational Analysis 

 - Objectives 

 - Training Plans 

 - Instructional Methods and Materials 

 - Master Mixes 

 - Visuals 

 - Evaluations


In addition to quizzes and discussion questions, there are
two case studies, workable models, samples of surveys, and reproducible worksheets.