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This is a partial list of offerings. All programs may be customized to meet your needs. 

Connections: Building Partnerships 
In this inter-active course, participants will understand the value of building partnerships, and learn to identify and utilize the talents and resources of business partners inside and outside the organization for maximum impact and effectiveness.
Powerful Communication
Communication is a two-way street. In this program participants will understand and utilize effective techniques for communicating up and down the “corporate ladder,” as well as with direct reports, teams, peers, and clients. Concepts will include: Active listening; Communicating clear expectations; Clarifying needs; Generating feedback
Faciliator Skills Development (T3)
This program takes participants through all the “Tools of the Trade” plus public speaking and facilitating skills and one-to-one training techniques.
Workshop is 2-5 days (with homework) depending upon needs and desired outcomes of the group.
The Customer Service Edge
This program identifies the “What’s” the “How’s" and the “Whys” of service that will give your company an “edge.”  It includes identifying needs, handling difficult situations, listening, verbal communication, vocal mastery, how to say "No" when you must, and identifying behaviors that engage and influence.

Bridging the Generational Divide
This program helps participants: Distinguish and compare needs, expectations, and communication differences by generational norms; Increase respect for differences in a diverse environment; Identify the major characteristics of the Traditionalist, Baby Boomers, Generation X-ers, and Millennials; Identify generational paradigms and how they impact personal values; Discover what motivates each generation; Work more effectively to bridge the Generational Divide.