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The role of training and development is more than teaching employees how to do their jobs, or assisting managers in managing more effectively. Its primary role is to help organizations solve business problems, and prepare for the future - that's what Seraphim Consulting will do for you!


Program and Course Offerings

Activating Leadership
Discover the 7 KEYS to actuating the competencies that inspire leadership and motivate others into action.  Managers / leaders will be able to increase their personal credibility, confidence, and influence with the awareness and skills that are critical to get the best from their people and lead in a manner that others will follow.  This course utilizes small group activities, discussions, and includes a leadership self-assessment.   
Leadership for Women
This is a leadership program specifically focused on successfully bringing the feminine energy and power into the workplace without compromise or apology. Women will explore the “gender divide” and gain skills that will increase their ability to influence and lead with confidence and competence.     

 Effective Team Dynamics
Many obstacles can hamper even the most talented team from performing at its full potential. The most agile, effective teams maximize the individual strengths of every individual member while operating cohesively within a culture of trust, respect, and open communication. This program includes an online team assessment, and is designed to help you and your team create the synergy, interpersonal dynamics, and commitment to achieve high-leveperformance. 






NEW:  Train-the-Trainer Certification Course for Curriculum / Course Development

"Putting the Pieces Together"

The Curriculum and Course Development Certification provides training professionals and instructors with basic skills and principles that will enable them to design and develop an effective training program. Expect to cover lots of information in a fast moving, fun, and creative learning environment, in which individual participation and input will reap unexpected positive rewards.  

 6-day workshop includes instruction and all materials.


Click icon to enroll.  $2580 per person. Call for special pricing for multiple enrollments from same organization.

NEW: The Road to "THERE:" A Facilitated Strategic Planning Workshop
This fully customized one- day workshop begins with an energizing and fun activity to raise the excitement and positive expectations of the day, followed by a reiteration of  the overall objective and mission of your team and the value it adds to your organization. After processing the opening activities, we will fill the day with collaborative visioning and solidification of intentions towards executing a plan of action through The Road to “THERE,”  an interactive strategic process of getting from "Here" to "THERE" with mechanisms that ensure the team's success.
Workshop Take-Aways:     Increased team synergy and buy-in ♦  A collaborative vision for team  / group success ♦    Clearly identified success factors for obtaining goals ♦  A road map of actionable mechanisms and accountabilities for each team member ♦   Timelines for reaching milestones and completions

See an overview of the process in video below (actual time 05:35): 

Working Through Conflict
More often than not, people are challenged by their inability to resolve conflict in a healthy way. Many choose to avoid it, while others use confrontation as a means of navigating through conflict - a strategy that has other costs and creates an environment of intimidation. Learning to thoughtfully discern the key issues, set emotions aside, and listen openly to others will provide individuals the opportunity to come to new and better solutions that may surpass any single idea. In this workshop, we will look closely at behaviors that keep us from having a healthy attitude about conflict, and will develop skills to bring mutual resolve when one exists.
Managing Diverse Work-teams
This course provides managers the awareness and understanding of how cultural patterns influence thinking. Topics include: Recognizing the challenges and opportunities of working with, motivating, and supporting people of diverse backgrounds, lifestyles, and cultures; Improving team comfort levels and abilities to work within multi-cultural environments; Motivating across cultures, lifestyles, and generations.
Human Resource Fundamentals for Team Leaders and Managers
There are guidelines managers must know to avoid legal issues concerning human resource laws and principles. This course covers: HR Basics; Attracting, Hiring and Retaining the best and appropriate talent; Interviewing and Selecting High Performers; Conducting Performance Reviews; The Manager’s Role in Maintaining an Harassment-free Environment.

Free Succession Planning White Paper. Click here to Download



"Make it So!" Coaching to Engage
Playing off the words of Captain Jean-Luc Picard from "Star Trek the Next Generation," this course provides the communication and coaching skills for managers to "engage" the best performance of their team members. Using edutainment and interactive learning techniques, participants will gain new tools for giving appropriate feedback and having coaching conversations that will increase performance and productivity.                                           

Presentation Skills: "Presenting with Distinction and Excellence"
As a result of this learning experience, individuals will be able to: Identify and demonstrate the critical elements of an engaging presentation and effective meeting; Construct, organize and plan a presentation that influences and inspires; Improve their self- assurance and authenticity when speaking to audiences; Identify and integrate the needs of their audience into your presentation  / meeting structure and delivery; To differentiate patterns of speech and behavior that build trust and confidence from those that disintegrate credibility.


Servant Leadership: Effectively Leading Volunteers
This highly interactive 1-day workshop is designed to inspire and encourage staff leaders and leader-volunteers in their ministry of service; to provide participants with interpersonal and leadership tools that will increase personal effectiveness and levels of influence with peers and those that volunteer under their leadership;  to clearly define the attributes and behaviors of inspiring leaders that create spiritually edifying experiences; to stress to understanding the importance of balancing professionally executed tasks that are essential and fundamental to running a church and building and maintaining relationships; and to crease participant comfort level and ability to articulate accountability expectations and address issues of potential conflict with volunteers.

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