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In addition to providing in-house organization and management consulting services for corporations and business associations, we maintain a busy event schedule. Following are a few popular titles:


Maximizing Your Who What and How
This dynamic, high-energy session offers insights into how to bolster your credibility and creativity, harness that energy for greater personal success and satisfaction, and contribute to a positive work environment that leads to higher productivity and a greater sense of collaboration and accomplishment.  You’ll walk away with the tools to better understand your strengths, enhance your own personal power of influence, and make meaningful and lasting contributions to the effectiveness of your team and the organization as a whole.
Be inspired and hear how to step into the power of the most authentic YOU - your greatest resource.  Then harness the energy created by WHAT you do and thrive in that zone that enlarges your territory of success. Be intentional in your HOW - the differentiator that brings others into a partnership of collaboration, exuberant engagement, and balanced wins – and discover that what you’ve been hoping for is already present waiting to be maximized!


 Owning Your Brand

"Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself." - George Bernhard Shaw

Much like the brand of a product or business, your personal and professional brand is a combination of two things: the promise you make to deliver an outcome, and what people experience when they interact with you. When you are intentional about your behavior and fully aware of how it affects your brand, you are able to influence what people believe about you, say about you, and think about you when your name is mentioned or when they see you (even if you have little to no personality worth remembering).

This entertaining, upbeat, and humorous keynote will keep you in stitches while providing you will tools to increase your personal power by Owning Your Brand.   



 10 Steps to “THERE”                                                           

This is a powerful exploration of paradoxical behaviors that can turn vision into reality, ordinary into extraordinary, and obstacles into opportunities. Follow the path of this true case-study to increase the “possibilities” in every aspect of your life. Create a legacy in your organization and in your personal life.

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